Wednesday, 29 May 2013

On pans and pins

No recipe today. Well, not yet anyway - if I have time later today there may be one.

I'm blogging about Pinterest today, as it's just launched in the UK and I'm finding it very useful. You may have already heard of Pinterest, but if not it's a website for collecting images and ideas about the things you're interested in. You can "pin" things you find on the web - a bit like the corkboard I have at home where I pin things with tin tacks, only it's on the internet.

I joined Pinterest a couple of years ago and couldn't get the hang of it. But I rejoined when I realised that not only is it another way for me to share my recipes but also a way to discover other people's foodie delights. At the moment I have two boards - one for my recipes and one for repinning other people's food that has caught my attention.

I also love the introduction of secret boards - no one can see these except you although you can make them public later - I started one when planning my trip to Madeira last April as it was a great way to gather useful ideas and information in one place and I could access it on my phone while away.
This is because all the pins link back to the original site. If I pin my recipes and you click on one, it'll take you to my blog and you can read the whole recipe (and hopefully cook it!). If I pin my travel plans, it's a fast way for me to return to the tourist office website or look up the hotel I booked.

You can find the link to my Pinterest on the menu on my blog or you can follow me via this link. If you're not yet on Pinterest, you can join here and get pinning!