Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine photography competition

So, tomorrow is 14 February and many lone gourmets will be doing their best to avoid the relentless commercialism of Valentine's Day. Perhaps, like me, you prefer to snub overpriced "romantic meals for two" in restaurants where the maƮtre d' will try to hurry you to vacate your table quickly in order to give it to another couple. Perhaps you prefer to cook something special at home for your significant other. Maybe you're not planning to do anything at all, whether coupled up or not.

Whatever you're doing tomorrow with food, I've had this great Valentine's Photo Challenge competition brought to my attention. All you have to do is photograph tomorrow's dinner and upload it to the n0tice website for a chance to win a hamper of meat.
(C) j.segers on Flickr
The rules don't seem to exclude singletons who lovingly prepare solo meals, so get snapping. The rules are on Foodie Sarah - you do need to register on n0tice first then go to the Valentine board to post your pics. You have until Sunday to enter.

Full disclosure: I have no commercial relationship with either n0tice or Farmers Choice or any official links in any capacity to the competition. Foodie Sarah is a work colleague.
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